Pre Vacuum Nitriding Furnace Production Line

Suitable for drill, screw attack, extrusion mould, die casting mould, screw, suction and exhaust valve and so on parts of the gas nitriding and nitrocarburizing process.

Pre Vacuum Nitriding Furnace Production Line

Made of high Ni tanks equipped with nitrogen purging nitrogen and safety technology, not only ensure the appearance quality of the good work, and ensure the safety of the use of the equipment. Process of NH3 + N2 atmosphere are conducted by the quality control flow meter conveyor, hydrogen analyzer + nitriding control expert system for measurement and control, calculate and display the nitrogen potential in the furnace, in order to realize the precise control in the process of nitride.


Applicable to drill, tap, extrusion die, die mold, screw, suction and exhaust valve and other parts of gas nitriding carbon and nitrogen altogether permeability. After processing the appearance of parts is silver, small deformation, stable quality. Has a temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

General processing several nitriding steel

SAE4100,4300,5100,8600,8700,9800 department


SAE400 department


precipitation hardening stainless steel