Controlled Atmosphere Nitriding Furnace Line

Suitable for gear, tooling parts of nitride and carbon and nigrogen nitriding processing, the appearance of parts is silver grey, deformation is small, the quality is stable.

Controlled Atmosphere Nitriding Furnace Line

[BCH products] by the furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace cover lifting mechanism, and the furnace with seal fan, muffle tank, heating elements and electrical control system, etc. The furnace shell composed of steel plate and steel welding.


[BCR products] from the main body of well type belt can of nitriding furnace, using amino NH3 + CO2 atmosphere, using hydrogen analyzer and intelligent instrument for nitrogen potential control, expert system software, and is equipped with nitriding process only by computer control, process parameter control, high degree of automation, easy operation


Suitable for gear, tools, mould parts, such as nitrogen, carbon and nitrogen altogether permeability treatment, appearance of parts is silver, small deformation, stable quality.


Modern Feedzing Size





Maximum load

XKR-60/90 ∮600X900mm 200-600℃ 75kw 500kg
XKR-80/100 ∮800X1000mm 200-600℃ 80kw 800kg
XKR-100/150 ∮1000X1500mm 200-600℃ 120kw 2000kg
XKR-150/200 ∮1500X2000mm 200-600℃ 180kw 5000kg