Controlled Atmosphere Furnace Production Line

It can be used for the metal products carburzing, carbon nitrogen infitration, quenching and so on.

Controlled Atmosphere Furnace Production Line

The automatic production line is the complete set, the control system and the main components of the implementation of the use of advanced foreign products, can relize the full automation or manual operation, the complete set of equipment for single species and large quantities of production, but also suitable for many varieties of small batch production, operation is simple and convenient, low operating costs.

Complete sets of units

multipurpose furnace

cleaning machine

tempering furnace

push the car zipper

hydraulic lift table

transfer station

Main furnace control system

Auxiliary Control System

Air supply system

Control main Interface

Thermal Process Establishment

Simulation operation


The furnace body seal, the atmosphere is controllable, the heating is uniform, the carbon potential control is accurate, the production automation, the high efficiency energy saving, the operation is simple, safe and reliable.


Reated temperature: 950℃

Temperature uniformity: ≤±5℃

Carbon potential uniformity: ≤±0.05CP

Carburizing layer depth:0.25 - 2.2(MM)

Tempering Furnace

There are two kinds of structural mode of high temperature and low temperature are 750 and 450, respectively, according to the different process requirements of the workpiece determines whether the control of nitrogen protection. Time of tempering, temperature ,time etc.

Washing Machine

It is a single room double grooves and double liquid structure, 360 degree rotating spraying device, a bubble generator, oil-water separation device, automatic cleaning, hot caustic water immersion cleaning, hot water spray.

Loading and unloading skip

Suitable formulti-purpose furnace, cleaning machine, tempering furnace and roller conveying loading and unloading work stations, loading and unloading with the arrow keys.

Lifting table

Preparation for a workpiece transfer, storage and transfer


Modern Feeding Size



Maximum load

BCD-110/60/60 1100x600x600mm 96kw 600kg
BCD-130/75/70 1300x750x700mm 125kw 1000kg
BCD-130/70/100 1300x700x1000mm 140kw 1200kg
BCD-150/90/850 1500x900x850mm 160kw 1500kg
BCD-150/120/85 1500x1200x850mm 180kw 2000kg